8 Cities You’d Love to Explore on a Bicycle

For many people, cycling on city streets can be a daunting or somewhat scary idea. The lack of bike paths and bicycle-friendly measures make it difficult to travel by bike. But a growing number of cities in the world are becoming more bike-friendly. These are cities where residents and tourists can enjoy traveling around on two wheels without worrying about unsafe conditions. Here are eight cities you will love exploring on a bicycle.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Why visit: One of the world’s bike-friendliest cities, Grachtengordel (canal belt) which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, safe bicycle paths, bicycling is part of the Amsterdam experience, stunning architecture and scenery to explore, biking around the city is easy and fun

Berlin, Germany
Why visit: Art, culture, and music hub; historic attractions, beautiful architecture, bike-friendly with wide streets and designated bike paths and lanes, laws and measures that keep cyclists safe

Copenhagen, Denmark
Why visit: One of the world’s bike-friendliest cities; beautiful architecture, the food, design scene, a huge number of residents travel around by bicycle, bike lanes that make it easy to travel to scenic attractions around the city

Kyoto, Japan
Why visit: The city is home to 17 Unesco Heritage Sites, stunning temples and shrines, see the Geisha District, breathtaking landscape, getting around on bicycle is easy

Paris, France
Why visit: Spectacular architecture, museums and art galleries, food, popular tourist attractions, hidden gems, bicycle-friendly city, public bike hire scheme, cycling paths that boast of amazing scenery

Portland, Oregon, USA
Why visit: Breweries, scenic views, farmers’ markets, ranked as among the “best cities for cycling”, many locals travel around by bike, conducive place for bike tours

Montreal, Canada
Why visit: Natural attractions, festivals, food fairs, strong bike culture, biker-friendly trails, safe bike paths and lanes, easy routes for tourists to explore

Trondheim, Norway
Why visit: The Nidaros Domkirke, the Old Town Bridge, picturesque streets, delicious food, nearby fjords, bicycle-friendly, bicycle lift, safe bike lanes, easy to rent a bike

Get That Sufficient Energy for Bicycling

What’s with bicycling that you need to experience? Would it be mental and physical fitness? Actually, with this physical activity for fitness, you can achieve both.  It’s the best way to get your heart pumping and your legs moving.   But before you enjoy your biking sessions, what preparations should you make to make this physical work out really a success?

If you really want to get hooked on two wheels, you have to make simple preparations especially if it’s your first bike ride.  Well, you should make it a little less intimidating.  Aside from the basic prepping for cycling such as preparing your bike, familiarizing your route, and adjusting your helmet properly, don’t miss out the most important part of the preparation process-  your energy and health.

Even though cycling is a low impact cardio exercise, you will appreciate it more if you are full of energy to bike around to climb a big hill.  Yes, you need that sufficient energy to stay fuelled.  Whether you get on your bike to improve your fitness or for a rigid training, it’s important that you’re energy fuelled to boost your performance.

baking delicious bread

Get the most of your rides by eating healthy and by bringing nutritious snacks and water to sustain your performance. Don’t you know that your homemade bread can give you the best energy you need? You can see more baking options online or in bread machine cookbooks.   Baking nutritious organic bread in a right way with a bread machine can help a lot.  Your whole wheat bread can keep you fuelled to get the most from your workout.  You need a considerable amount of good carbs for your cycling physical fitness workout.  Your homemade bread can give you high energy levels for your daily exercise.

To get enough supply of “good carbs”, make it sure that your food has complex carbs.  Among the best sources of non-refined carbohydrates are whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. All these should be found in your homemade bread so that you are energized or fuelled while you are bicycling.  Yes, you can include the homemade bread as part of your diet as a cyclist.

If you are in the cycling world, you should not deprive yourself with sufficient supply of complex carbohydrates.  Having your freshly baked bread early in the morning before you set out for the day will keep you energetic all day long.  Get those carbs immediately and meet your high energy needs. Bring some of your delightful bread or rolls for your hearty snacks and stay active throughout the day.

Start the ride with topped up high carbohydrate breakfast.  Bite that awesome slice of freshly baked loaf and enrich your body with the complex carbs you need.

Creating Your Own Bicycle-Powered Saw

bicycle saw

If there’s a machine-powered saw, there’s also a bicycle-powered saw.

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You might ask: there is? Indeed, there is!

What’s more, you can even create your own bicycle-powered saw – as seen on this file and on this detailed blog post from Mother Earth News.

Thus, here are some points to remember:

  • Creating your own bicycle-powered saw requires a lot of patience. This is because of the amount of materials being used to build a working model. Aside from that, obviously, you’ll have to start from scratch and must be ready and truly prepared for the job.
  • The characteristics of necessary parts greatly matter. This is because some materials might be too much or too low on something and in turn, would not be able to serve their full purposes. Thus, accuracy is the key to creating a bicycle-powered saw.
  • Always make sure that everything fits. As mentioned before, accuracy is the key to creating a bicycle-powered saw – now, perfectly and working great. Everything should fit where it’s meant to be places. More than that, the materials should not be easily detached from its place.
  • The kind of pedal you will use for the bicycle-powered saw is a success factor. The pedal should not be too hard or too soft. It should be right, in a sense where one can pedal the bike faster or slower without exerting too much effort for it to happen.

Let’s face it, though: creating your own bicycle-powered saw might take a long time to finish or become too expensive for you to continue doing. However, every sweat, time, and effort you’ll put into it will be priceless. You see, only a few were able to do this – something that most people would find truly impossible. But you know what? Who cares? Those people can do it. Thus, you can also do it!

Finding Time for Bicycling When You’re Busy


If you are a biking enthusiast, you probably want to squeeze in at least an hour of cycling on your daily routine. But the reality of hectic schedule, heaps of workloads, and the seemingly endless list of things to do at any given day can make biking plans go down the drain. The good news is you can still fit it in your busy schedule if you want to. Here are some times on how to squeeze a bike ride on a busy workday.

Get a good night’s rest

Lack of sleep makes you feel tired and less inclined to hop on your bike the next day. Figure out how many hours of sleep you need to give your mind and body ample time to rest. If you want to make time for exercise, set a regular sleep-wake schedule that allows for at least 30 minutes of biking before you officially start your day.

Set the alarm earlier than usual

There are many perks in starting your day earlier than most people do. Many highly successful people in their respective fields reveal daily routines that start very early in the morning, which usually includes doing at least an hour of exercise or physical activity they enjoy. The quickest way to find time for a ride is to set your alarm earlier than you usually do, get out of bed when it goes off, and set out on your two wheels.

Consider biking to work

You can take advantage of your daily commute to get the workout you need. Leave the car behind and get to work on your bike. Or set out on some errands on your bike instead of driving around, especially if you only have to travel short distances.

Have a list of quick workouts

If you cannot go on a bike ride, consider other ways to get the exercise you need. There is no dearth of workouts you can squeeze in to your daily routines. You can come up with a list of alternative quick exercises that you can do for a few minutes at any time of the day. Whether it is a 4-minute or 10 minutes workout, having a few minutes of exercise is much better than nothing.